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"Übung macht den Meister"

“Practice makes perfect.”

–German Quote

Want to learn German?


Our individual German course aims to help you improve your spoken German, comprehension, grammar and vocabulary. Our courses are available to everyone be you beginner, intermediate or advanced. We adapt to your personal or professional needs.

Create your customised programme

Step 1 – Consultation: Work with us to identify skills gaps and learning goals. Your consultation will be in Albanian or your preferred language, and the schedule will be to YOUR convenience when possible.

Step 2 – Design: Together we create a programme based on YOUR goals and at the pace YOU feel comfortable with.

Step 3 – Delivery: Our experienced consultants will deliver your course when you need it and how you need it (face-to-face, online or blended).


Our general German group sessions are designed for those who wish to learn in a more social environment.

Group sessions are designed specifically to enhance  support and encourage co-operation.  Students work together towards common goals. The groups are always fun, positive, enjoyable and above all educational.

Group sessions are ideal for those who need to improve their German language ability ahead of study or work. Sessions take in all elements of everyday German and are designed to give you the fluency and confidence needed when working or studying in a German speaking country.



Individual Courses last 4 weeks, 3 times a week, 90 min per lesson.

Price: 120€


Group Courses last 8 weeks, 3 times a week, 90 min per lesson.

Price: 100€


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