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The Language Space is here to support both professional and individual clients with their English & German learning needs. All members of our team are bilingual, with a thorough understanding of the economic, social and cultural fabric of the region.

Aware of the issues and challenges facing individuals and businesses, The Language Space offers training courses adapted for the REAL world.

We offer…….

We start by listening…

We start by listening to our clients, which means we adapt our lessons to their levels, needs and expectations. We adapt to YOUR schedule and commitments by offering our services early in the morning or in the evening, by distance or in-person. 

Additionally we can also give you advice on projects, business opportunities and help you navigate the difficult requirements of entry to all English-speaking countries. 

Our cross-cultural experience and knowledge will  give you a real and competitive edge.

What We Do

Individual Communication & Grammar for English

ALL LEVELS WELCOMED Price 135 EURO 2 x 60 min Communication or Grammar Sessions 1 x 60 min Grammar or Communication Session Duration 4 WEEKS

Individual Grammar and Communication for German

ALL LEVELS WELCOMED Price 120 EURO 2 x 90 min Grammar Sessions 1 x 90 min Communication Session Duration 4 WEEKS

Group Sessions for English & German

ALL LEVELS WELCOMED Price 49 EURO 2 x 60 min Grammar Sessions 1 x 60 min Communication Session Duration 4 WEEKS

Business Program for English ONLY

Price 149 EURO Our programs are up-to-date with prevailing Global practices and cater to both the individual and groups.

Exam Preperation

Price 10 EUROS per hour**(min 10 hours)Help you prepare for IELTS Life Skills and other entry requirements to all English and German speaking countries.

Remote Learning

Grammar & Communication sessions available for English & German distance learning with a 20% discount.

Meet the Team

Armend Maliqaj

CEO and Head Grammar Consultant

Armends’ vision and dedication to teaching has been a driving force in his career to date. From teaching children to governmental officials  his dedication to his work and clients has always been unquestionable.

Chris Wilson

Managing Director & Chief Communications Consultant

With 25 years of experience in Finance and Business, Chris has a proven track record in Kosovo of teaching at the highest levels. Respected for both his teaching style and results, Chris is undoubtedly one of a kind!

Agnesa Gashi

German Grammar and Communication Consultant

While living & studying in Germany, Agnesa developed a passion for teaching and on her return to Kosovo has passed this on by teaching in various language schools to students of all ages. Agnesa never stops caring about her passion and that’s what makes her so unique.

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